Saturday, 11 October 2008

Scars On Broadway cancel US tour

Scars on Broadway have cancelled a tour of North America, due to personal reasons cited by singer Daron Malakian.

Malakian formed the band in 2006 with fellow former System Of A Down member John Dolmayan, and the pair released their self-titled debut album earlier this year.

An announcement on the band’s website says:

“Malakian concluded that his heart wasn't into touring at this time, so he made the decision to cancel all scheduled performances.”

Malakian then posted a personal message on the site saying:

"I understand all of your frustration and anger, and I never meant to let any of you down. Your support for Scars has been so important to me and the band. I would never cancel a tour unless I had real reasons and personal things that require my undivided attention. The music of Scars will live on, but now is a time when aspects of my life need to be tended to. I hope all of you can understand."

There are currently no plans to reschedule the tour, and ticket refund information will be posted soon.

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