Friday, 17 October 2008

Coldplay for Knebworth?

Coldplay could soon be appearing at Knebworth House, frontman Chris Martin suggested today.

Though no date has yet been mooted for what would be one of the biggest shows of Coldplay's career, Martin told BBC Radio 1 that, "We're trying to book a place that rhymes with Blebworth."

"We realised there's a lot of people who don't like us in Britain," he continued, "but, you know, they don't have to come."

Knebworth has previously played host to Robbie Williams and, most famously, Oasis.

But though Williams managed to lure some 375,000 to Knebworth over the course of three nights, Martin has ruled out the idea of doing more than one.

"We're not gonna do three [nights], Robbie did three.

"We'd be happy with one. Then the next day can be some kind of caravan conference."

Any performance at Knebworth is likely to take place next year – until then, fans can catch the band at a series of UK arena dates planned for December.

Coldplay videos here

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